Wine Tasting Adventures Near Sedona

Welcome to The Art of Wine! Thanks for joining us as we venture around the state of Arizona and talk about some of the amazing wines we are producing here. I know it can be a little hard to believe that grapes have the ability to grow here in the hot "desert like" climate of Arizona, but it's true and to most people's surprise, they are growing very well. Here in Arizona we have a little over 1,400 acres of vines planted in two separate parts of the state - the North (Verde Valley) and the South (Wilcox/Sonoita). The southern part of Arizona is where it all started back in the mid 70's. It is here, southeast of Tucson, where the bulk of our grapes are grown and where most of our wine is produced. However, there are also over 200 acres of grape vines planted in the northern part of the state, near Sedona and the surrounding area, accompanied by several wineries each with their own style and talent for producing high quality wines. It is these Northern wineries that will be the focus of our discussion today. We will talk about the Southern wineries in the near future, so keep an eye on our blog page to get the latest information.


Sedona is a great destination point when visiting Arizona. We get about 4 million visitors a year that pass through Sedona, either for an extended stay with us for a little rest and relaxation or as a quick trip as they head north to the Grand Canyon. Either way, one question we often get asked is, "What is there to do in Sedona?" Though there are many trails to hike, several shopping centers to wonder about, and plenty of amazing restaurants to dine at, our usual response is "Wine tasting!" There are several wineries and vineyards in the area to visit. Each have their own tasting room to sample their wines or to enjoy by the glass... or by the bottle. Some of these wineries even offer tours of their facilities that visitors can take advantage of and see the vines and barrel rooms up close.

Heading Southwest from Sedona on Highway 89A you make your way towards the towns of Cottonwood and Cornville. On the way you will come across a road named "Page Springs Road", it is here where you turn left and make your way towards the Oak Creek and 3 of Northern Arizona's most visited wineries (there are several others that are equally as popular - we will talk about these soon).

The first winery you will come to is D.A Ranch. This family owned, 250 acre ranch has to be one of the most beautiful properties in the area complete with several watering holes, natural artisan springs and a full functioning ranch that grows not only grapes, but also olives, apples, berries, all sorts of green vegetables, herbs, and many other fruits. Most of the property remains in a natural state, home to many species of plants and animals. As you park and head towards their beautiful cabin that houses up to 16 people for weddings or large parties you will see cattle, goats and tucked in the back - chickens. The large cabin near the front of the property is where their tasting room is located. Here you can sample many of their wines such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tanat and a dry white wine made from a unique grape called Seyval Blanc - they also have an irresistible dessert wine made from the same grape. Their tasting room is open to the public Wednesdays and Saturdays by appointment only. To make reservations call (928) 301-0791 - Address: 1901 N Dancing Apache Rd Cornville, Arizona

Continuing southbound down Page Springs Road you will quickly arrive at Javelin Leap Winery. This family owned estate winery grows 12 different varietals on 10 acres of land and focuses their attention on making single vineyard, pure varietal wines that highlight the true terroir of Arizona. As you pull into the parking lot you will instantly see many rows of grape vines that make up their estate vineyard. Walk into their tasting room to grab a bite to eat and try many of their award winning wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Petite Sirah, Sauvignon Blanc and many others. These wines really do showcase the essence of Arizona grown fruit and have many surprises for people who believe we can't grow grapes in this arid climate!

Your next stop will be right down the road from Javelina Leap. A quick, one minute drive will lead you to the front steps of Page Springs Cellars. Much like Javelin Leap, you can't help but notice the many rows of grape vines growing on their property as you park your vehicle under their covered parking lot. Page Springs Cellars has 20 acres under vine in 3 separate locations along the Oak Creek. The estate vineyard can easily be seen with great views from their patio which offer a full service of wine tasting, wine by the glass, and of course by the bottle. They also have a talented team of cooks led by Chef Brian that prepare a wide range of food and dishes made with locally grown ingredients available daily. Talk to their knowledgeable staff about which dish to pair with your favorite wines. Page Springs Cellars offers a large selections of blends, pure varietal wines in both reds and whites and 1 or 2 sweet wines, and are constantly changing their wine flight so there is always something new to try. After your tasting is done you can join their tour guide (available Fri - Sun only) for an hour and half long tour through their facility which includes the vineyard, cellar, barrel room and even a few samples of wine straight from the one of those barrels!

And of course, if you can't fit visiting these wonderful wineries into your schedule you can easily join us here at The Art of Wine for a full explanation of the wine, vines and people that make up the Arizona wine industry. And of course we couple that discussion with hand selected Arizona wines from the producers from entire state - both North and South. Here at the Art of Wine we strive to deliver the best wine tasting experience to our guests. Our staff prides themselves on their knowledge base of wine basics and the Arizona industry. Stop in anytime (11am - 7pm) and come try wines from the largest selection of Arizona Wine in the state. We offer wines by the flight, by the glass, and by the bottle. We have specials and Happy Hour everyday on both wine and beer. Cheers!